Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another step closer to the start

June 15th, 2011

Yesterday I spent a few hours assembling and sending MONEY to Panama. An email to the bank to prepare a wire transfer set things in motion. I already had that darned cashier’s cheque from our Panama bank, which became a bit of a millstone for a while. Anyway, I sealed it up and off to the local Letterbox outlet and a few moments late it was on its way via FedEx. $105.00 once more to send a small piece of paper several thousand miles, but what other choice is there? No sense trying to snail mail anything to Panama! The postal service there is essentially non-existent, and our postal workers are having rotating strikes!

Having sent off that dratted cheque and having let the developer know the status of the first down payment – “The cheque is in the mail” kind of thing – I trotted off to our local bank ladies where they had pre-prepared the wire transfer. Another several minutes this time, my signature, and the transfer was in progress. All should arrive in Senor Builder’s hands within two days, and we’ll be off! To start the house, that is. Saved a few hundred dollars on the US/Canada exchange rate, and only $60.00 something to send the wire. I am keeping tabs on all these little extra costs, which I suspect will add up to a substantial sum before we’re finished. The binder I started a year ago has become two binders, and I may need to get bigger ring sizes before long!

I’ve reviewed the specifications several times, and see some very nice things and just a few concerns. Choosing from afar may prove awkward, but now we are on that track, cannot go back. To start renting down south just will not be happening, especially as Chris still has to finalize the sale of the gallery. We have a couple who are intensely interested and are suffering through the process of loan application and business plan preparation. Hopefully, they’ll get it all together soon, and meanwhile we’ve made them an offer that they find attractive!

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