Friday, April 22, 2011

Panama Visit

All is arranged for a 10- day trip to Panama. We fly out of Seattle on May 2nd, returning May 12th. Continental Airlines is again our choice, and with just one short layover between flights in each direction, not so bad as it could be. I recently learned that Transaat flies direct to Panama from Vancouver, so must explore that possibility. A single eight-hour flight would be much more desirable!
We will stay in Panama City for two nights, then pick up a rental car and follow the Pan American Highway off west towards Pedasi. While there we will stay at a Bed and Breakfast. So many things to complete while away, we hope there is still time for some old-fashioned rest and relaxation! I look forward to meeting all the folks I have been dealing with online and via email. My son and daughter-in-law have agreed to watch over “the boys” – no doubt they will get most put-out by our absence, and may even refuse to talk to us on our return. The last several times we’ve been away, it takes just one day for them to decide we are perfect guardians after all! Must be the food….?
This coming week, we’ll get ready for the trip which includes preparing a very long list of questions to get answered! I’m going to take my daytimer to be sure I catch everything for review once we are back home. Excitement about returning to Panama…I only hope I have the same positive feelings as last year. There will much more to report once we get going, and a long entry is in the works I bet!

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