Monday, May 16, 2011


May 16, 2011

Returned home last Friday afternoon....achieved most of what we went to Panama for. Met with our Personal Banking Officer at Scotiabank (took us over an hour to find the right branch in Panama City!) and opened a savings account with a nice large deposit. The processes in Panama are far different to Canada and take far more time. At least we have now met several staff members at "our" bank, and hopefully that will facilitate future transactions.

We rented a car through Budget, and negotiated the city pretty well with a detailed map on my lap, and Chris franctically stopping, starting and trying to be an aggressive driver in an unknown city! Made it to Pedasi and loved the sweet little town once more. We stayed at "Casita Margarita", a bed and breakfast on the main street, and recommend this one highly. The staff are marvellous and very accomodating! Had to share our room with a little gecko, but he wasn't intrusive and left us alone after scaring me one day! Met with our lawyer, who is bilingual, and more forward motion in information as to our next steps. She is carefully watching our process and seems highly competent. Another relief!

Meeting with the developer rep was also productive. In the few days left on our trip, we got lots of results as to our price, and the hiring of a builder who is eager to get started on more homes! Being on site is obviously the most desirable, and doing business from afar has been much too frustrating. I now await email with the final plans and contract so we can provide the first of several payments. We were told the house would be done in six months - does anyone want to start a lottery as to the finish date?

The cats welcomed us with open paws, seemingly having missed us despite the great care they received whle we were gone. Bogart wouldn't leave me be for over 24 hours. Cagney was as blase as ever and affectionately accepted our return with his usual disdain and much purring!

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