Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 Today I discussed our next holiday with my favourite travel agent. Shelley has been an absolute gem over the years and we’ve had some marvellous cruises with her help. Despite any misgivings she may personally hold about our move to Panama, she is always positive and supportive. Well, today we managed to book a full 10 days in Panama, including a few nights in Panama City at a top hotel (Hotel Riu Plaza) and one plane change in each direction at our favourite US airport, Houston.
Chris and I decided we should go soon, if only to settle several bits of business such as opening a bank account in Panama, settling the insurance aspect of our loan, and meeting with Martin to get the house started. If this doesn’t get the ball rolling, what will? Several days in Pedasi will be a treat so we can suss out the area, and make a few forays into the towns nearby. We have much on our agenda for this trip, but as weekends there seem quieter than they are in Canada, we will have a few days to rest and read etc.
I am arranging to meet all the folks who hold so much of our lives in their hands right now…Martin, Joanna, Augustin, Berta, builder (name unknown) and who knows whom else? Time away will be a welcome change from our dreary April here. Some sun here and there, bulbs struggling to be seen, but essentially very cool weather so far this month. May might brighten up; in BC we say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes! So, off to collect the information and itinerary tomorrow which will make that day brighter anyway…

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