Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still Waiting…

I didn’t intend to be so long between logging, but the wait remains the same. How does anything ever get done? Berta (our lawyer) is the best at responding within a reasonable time! She let us know that the legal registration of the company for our lot is completed and is following up to see what is holding up the building. I don’t understand why the incorporation, but will wait until we meet with Berta to figure this one out. I had to name three directors and I have also given power of attorney to a member of her office. I sent her all payment to date, and so far, not a bad bill! When all is said and done, I will tote up the costs and add them to the book.
Martin sent a brief note last week, telling me he is negotiating with yet another builder to try for a better price for us. Nice of him, but why does this take so long? I am beginning to get a trifle down with all this time flying by, and the year already into the fourth month. Would this go faster if we were living in Panama as we originally planned?
Chris has laid plans (again) for the disposition of the gallery if it still doesn’t sell within the next few months. We will lose a fair bit of our investment there if he cannot sell! Sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing?
The cats go merrily along while I plan their fates. Much Spring liveliness, yearning to be outside – until the dog comes by. Then some hissing, hair raising, and hackles up along with a careful backing away from the door. Bogart sleeps on our bed, and Cagney is usually in the armchair each night. They have a comfortable life. I am keen to watch their reaction to geckos and any other small wildlife! Cagney likes to capture squirrels and bring them home alive to play! He picks them up like kittens. The last one took us over two hours to chase around our bedroom before we encouraged it to leap to safety out our window. Little nuggets of pooh were everywhere! Like rabbit droppings, but smaller.
Daughter-in-law delivered Nicholas on March 11th, and a sweeter babe has never been seen. He reminds me of his dad a little. Having the two little fellows upstairs is rather nice for  me! The family remains unchanged – everyone busy with the usual family stuff, like hockey practices and games which have transitioned to baseball practices and games. With both my daughters working, I have to steal time to see them and their youngsters. Today’s families are way too busy! Hmmmm. On reflection it seems to me that my mother said the same to me…

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