Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The financing issues having been settled, I contacted Martin to give him the great news, and he is now in the process of amassing the documentation for the plans, the contract to build, and whatever other paper is required to get going! We are satisfied with our decision to downsize from the larger three-bedroom plan and I think the result will be as attractive and functional as the previous plan. Some regrets not having three bedrooms, as I now have office furniture to deal with when we eventually unpack, but all in good time. There is no point in worrying about something that is a distance off when I have so many decisions and steps to cover before we get to that.

I eagerly await the revised plans, and of course the revised pricing! We are trying to decide when to take our holiday, which will be to Panama naturally. There will be much to do when we go, but with the current weather systems here battering us, even a few days of sun and relaxation will be very welcomed! Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law is ready to produce another grandson, and my knitting is keeping me busy along with my thrice-weekly trips to the gym. I watch Dr OZ while I knit! The crocuses are poking through which despite the latest snowfall means spring is coming, and summer will go by quickly. We will be in Panama all too soon, and I will leave my cozy cocoon here in the suite!

When last online and visiting the Costa Pedasi site, I noted the revised master plan. There are more homes than before, and the numbering of the lots has changed. If my friends in Ottawa decide to invest, they will be just a row behind us, and a few doors away.  One of my goals in our next visit to Panama is to explore the village of Pedasi, and the little towns of Las Tablas and Chitre. We are both interested in finding what there is in the way of shops, the cultural offerings, the services, and necessities like the medical clinic and vet. We will rent a car for this visit, and hopefully price some SUV’s for when we will buy.

Once more, patience as we wait for the plans…

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