Saturday, February 5, 2011


Many steps in the past week, all pointing in the proper direction, and mostly positive! The week began with a sense of anticipation as we waited for the email that would confirm we had the loan/mortgage nailed down. That email from Joanna arrived on Tuesday, stating we are approved for the loan, that various terms and conditions would apply, and we would receive these in several days. Immediately, I emailed back to ask how much was approved, and forwarded the approval email to Martin C. Chris came home as usual at 5 pm, and was quite calm and disinterested! Huh? We talked a long time over a drink and dinner (at home) and came to some decisions about the size and price of the house to build. As Chris’ Art Gallery still has not sold, for the past few weeks  we have discussed  the possibility of less square feet to reduce the price, and to allow for some breathing room as to how much money would be required…funnily, living in the suite has let me see that I can cope with a smaller space – did I tell you how much smaller this is? – and that maybe I could compromise. Losing an office/den/guest quarters is not easy to do, but I’ll find another way to achieve what we would need.  Anyway, once we cleared the air as to our real needs, I was able to Skype Martin the next afternoon and share our ideas and thoughts. Martin had lots to tell me about the development, particularly that a new contractor has been hired, and price adjustments have been made. We were able to agree to a price that would at least include the pool, maybe no garage (a carport instead) with two bedrooms and at least two full bathrooms. He assured me the quality finishing would remain the same as to date, and we parted still good friends with the promise for him to work on the revised plan and get back to me soon (probably about two weeks?).

So, movement is taking place again! That stuck elevator is rising, the tide is coming in, the rolling stone no longer gathers moss, or whatever applies in this situation! The only sticky bit is that because there are so many homes starting this year, we will definitely have to wait at least two months to start the building. Double darn! However, I am sort-of reassured that the size of home we plan should take six months to build rather than the dreaded eight or nine. Calculating the time frames, that leaves us here until at least October. Now if that were so, we could be gone before Il Nino, La Nina, or some equally dreadful weather system hits the Pacific Northwest next year!

I have been poring over the plans for the development again, reworking all the finances, and psyching myself up for the change of house. Chris seems to have re-settled, is once more smiling, and with the released load regarding selling or liquidating the Gallery, seems to be reconciled to whatever is next. His worry is about storage space.  I have not said anything to the cats – it is all a bit far off for them to worry about.

Next will be a few contracts to sign, final plan decisions, and revised planning for what we can do from here. I had expected we would be in Panama for the build; erecting a house from this distance will be exceedingly challenging I bet! We have gained some time to sell the Gallery, hoping that the Real Estate market might rally a bit, or that one of those interested folks who contacted us will return with cash in hand.” Think positive!” I say!

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