Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Elevator Ride is Still Bumpy!

The exhilaration of forward movement has dissipated a little. Indeed, the bank loan contract arrived as promised – six pages of Spanish legalese! I can understand about one hundredth of it, mostly the financial bits with numbers. I have asked our lawyer, Berta, to provide a translation so I can sign this incomprehensible document. Now we wait once more. Joanna at the bank is okay with the wait, but I count on getting this part done!

Meanwhile I am giving Martin as much time as he needs to rework plans, talk with the developer and the contractor, then get back to us with a concept we can live with…ho, hum once again! I guess Martin is very busy with so much going on, and I will one day thank him generously for his patience.

Back at the ranch, er tiny suite, an old friend from high school who contacted me through Facebook some time back, has decided he and his spouse are seriously considering a move to Panama also. Believe it or not, he is looking at Costa Pedasi! I suggested to him that he had subliminally remembered my earlier emails with that name…wouldn’t that be a gas, if he and Ingrid also moved there? We were all at school in Vancouver, BC in the early 1960’s, and haven’t seen each other since graduation!

I am frantically exercising at Curves three times a week, and watching my eating (over-eating) so I can be slimmer for the visit to Pedasi we plan to take. It seems we may manage a week there around late April, early May and I want to enjoy the sun a little. I also have the little matter of a high school reunion in early June to endure/enjoy. Who wants to be overweight when seeing old friends? Reunions must be the most stressful of all events for women, other than weddings.

The “boys”, Cagney and Bogart have been feeling frisky lately and much chasing and wrestling is going on. They’re probably psychic and pick up the vibes of anticipation? Spring is about another month off, there’s fresh snow on the local mountains, and the nights are cool, but the crocuses are poking through here and there are daffodils out just to the west (Vancouver and Victoria).

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