Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something’s Coming. . .

I did promise I would connect weekly, and I have been on tenterhooks since the last blog, waiting for confirmation of that loan! Still has not happened, but I sense it is close, so not to worry. Right! Once I get that formal approval, all else is in place for us to set up the contract to build (along with a myriad of other steps, no doubt), and finding a crew to get us started could be the first concern. The development is proceeding well, and there will be at least a dozen homes starting or started. We both anticipate this next step with great fervour…it has been such a long time, and Chris is really impatient now. I seem to be morphing into a Latino somehow. Not in looks (darn!) but in demeanour – less demanding, more patient, more philosophical. When my family reads this, I’ll be told “You should have retired a hundred years ago!” Was I ever really that difficult? Don’t answer that anyone!

Meanwhile, more news that bodes well. The various documents returned from Ottawa, duly authenticated by the Canadian Government. These are related to our eventual application to get our pensionados (retirement visas). Now to figure out the next step. I have been collating all the communications and documents, copies and rec,eipts into a large binder which seems to weigh a thousand tons. Besides killing several trees, I have kept hard copies of pretty much everything, all “just in case”. A good idea when I first started, but this will weigh much too much when I transport this to Panama! I could have put everything on disc, and still may do that. However, the powers in banking and the lawyer want originals to view when the time comes so I will still get stuck with the baggage.

So, the current situation is no longer FUBAR, but ready, set, and we just need the GO! Back at the ranch, er cave, er basement suite…the cats are restlessly watching the huge flocks of birds I seem to be feeding. Aren’t there any other feeders out there? Cagney has taken to leaping about again, causing mayhem, spills and general confusion. Most of this goes on in the middle of the night, or when I am out, so I come home or arise to little toys and squishy things that squeak wherever I step. We’ve found candies and pistachios all over the rug – the little devil loves to scoop these out of dishes and flip them into the air. Bogart simply sleeps too much, and occasionally chases Cagney . Probably wants to get the imp to be quiet! I include some photos of the wee spot we now call home…and believe me when I say I do actually enjoy this little place!

Waiting for that email, and the document that says GO AHEAD!

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