Sunday, November 28, 2010


One moment we’re careening along, then “bump”, another road block. All paperwork has been forwarded to appropriate folks in Panama, and so we wait once more. We westerners are too darned impatient with our McDonalds fries and ATM’s, email, texting and other paraphernalia to speed our lives along, and I, for one, am just as caught up in the “hurry-up” mode as anyone! The need to be patient and wait is still not setting well with me. If I burp, I could cough up an official or two who are stuck in my throat right now!
Maintaining enthusiasm is getting a tad more difficult…dreams are meant to be realized I suggest, not lie stagnating or become dormant and unrealized. Realizing a dream is what this adventure is about, and even though I know if I persevere, it’ll happen, be darned if it isn’t one difficult task to stay positive some days.
So, the wait is for bank approval of our little loan to effect the house building plus those pesky documents sitting on a civil servant’s desk in Ottawa awaiting a rubber stamp and to be sent on to the Consulate for Panama. I once thought our Canadian civil service not only lacked civility but also common sense, and now I know it for sure, and realize it is a universal malady, not cured by a flu shot (if only!) or my ranting, or even my polite requests. Sit on your hands at this point and wait…
At least the home front is faring better. The “boys” are settled and have even begun to accept their indoor status for the most part. If the overly large mastiff my son owns is near the door when I open it, a hasty retreat is beat amid much huffing and hissing. Can’t say I blame them…he’s a huge beast with bad breath and a nosy attitude. As for my adorable and lively grandson? If he dares poke his curious head in their direction, he gets a hiss from Bogart and a rapid retreat from Cagney. The little guy can’t fathom the general fur flying and spitting, so proceeds apace amid cries of “Careful, they’re scared of you!” Right! I’m two years old, and innocent as a lamb, just want to maul a bit and they run away! Who wouldn’t get that?
So, another week starts, and I may as well get on with the Christmas shopping and decorating while I wait for the next step. Which is? Approve plans, sign a contract or several, another down-payment I should think, and selection of some finishes. I’ve begun inquiries at other developments in the area…just in case!

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