Saturday, November 20, 2010


Much has happened since my last entry. The move completed amid a bit of confusion, loads of family help, a certain degree of angst, and a final sigh of relief! Three weeks after the start of our shifting, our little suite is looking liveable, albeit a tad crowded…the other half of our home sits in a Delta warehouse at this time awaiting word from me to sail off to whereabouts unknown. All’s well that starts well, at least!
Our lawyer’s office decided to take a longer weekend as the Remembrance Day holiday fell on a Thursday, so I spent one almost sleepless night worrying whether the monies had been paid to us for our house. Early Monday morning, a phone call from the legal folks said to pick up our cheque, which I did, then immediately deposited it! Phew! A couple of days later, I visited with my “personal banking officer”, a fantastic lady called Debbie, and we cleared out all unnecessary accounts, leftovers and bits and bobs, so everything is simpler and much more accessible and easy to use. Since I retired, I hadn’t dealt with the added accounts required as a business woman, so it was time to act!
The “Boys”, our two wonderful cats were more than a bit put out by their new quarters. No outside access, just one litter box, a much smaller “gym”, and generally a very untidy and boxed-in space led to some peeing and snarls. Can’t say I blame them…but within a very few days, all was normal – sort of – if you can call mad dashes, leaps onto high places, chasing, wrestling and mayhem normal. These two are pretty darn adaptable - for cats! I think this is Bogart’s 6th home and I know it is Cagney’s 4th. More to come, but I won’t tell them that yet!
So, for now we are cozy and warm, expecting a dreadful winter thanks to La Nina, and anticipating some forward movement south of us. Our lot is paid for, the bank is working on our application (again!), and hopefully the developers of Costa Pedasi are frantically reworking our drawings and readying them to send to us! If they aren’t, they’d better be! Nothing in Panama is frantic; the concept, let alone the word, isn’t in their dictionary, so I suspect the usual “in good time” and “it’ll happen” is being said, no matter how much I frantically wish for action! As Martin told me last Easter, “accept what you are told as a timeline, and then double it”. More like quadruple I’d say…

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