Sunday, November 7, 2010


The past 10 days have been an event unto themselves. I am quite unsure that I actually survived, and wonder if I could be dreaming?
Once we knew our moving date and all the various folks who were involved in the moving were alerted appropriately, Chris and I got really stuck into the packing for the local move; a dreadful task with the many decisions about what to discard, what to designate for Panama, what to pack for storage, and what to simply chuck into some shaped box for use in our wee apartment. I find myself getting a bit repetitive, but these are VERY IMPORTANT to what will hamper or enhance the move! More on this later….
Our actual day to transfer all the furniture and most of the heavy boxes was set for October 30th, and with the help of two generous sons-in-law and one daughter, much got completed. Every one involved was absolutely wiped after a day and a half, then on the Sunday morning, Chris had a major medical problem and we spent several hours at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital emergency department while he was assessed. Sure, Murphy’s Law proved true, and he wound up admitted to hospital, and stayed there for the next 3 days!! Many nasty comments all round about how to avoid work!
Off I went to join my daughter in the numerous trips with boxes, and the desperation that seemed imminent in our hearts as we coped as best we could. By Thursday morning, I found myself almost ready for the International movers to waltz in and start their packing. I toured the house with the foreman and designated which items must be left for me/we to take off to the apartment, and happily left them to the job. Returning several hours later, sure enough all my Christmas gifts bought to date had been packed, so we had to “unpack” about seven boxes to locate them. I found most, removed same and the fellas happily retaped the boxes with no complaint! I think I would have had the screaming meanies if that were me. Once the house was locked again, I raced about to rescue anything I might have forgotten so we could go through the same process on Friday. At the end of the day on Friday, the house was almost empty, with various boxes marked “stay” left sitting, lots of paper, tape and bits and bobs of mess all over. My small desk, my iron, some gifts had gone off to the warehouse (never to be seen again?) but overall, the move seemed successful!
Saturday was a quiet day, and while Chris went off to his gallery, I vegged out and slowly unpacked some of the confusion. Imagine an 850 square foot space with barely room to edge between furniture and boxes for a whole week, and imagine my heart rapidly beating as I surveyed this. Sunday was another madness with the final boxes and bits and bobs removed – luckily, Chris decided to rent a small warehouse space locally so we could deposit some of the confusion there until we had cleared more room at the apartment. The man can be a genius just when you need one! Amongst all this two confused cats wandered with mixed glee and terror. Amazingly, they adapted pretty nicely! Cagney has found he can open windows given half a chance and a bit of opening, can push out the screen and get his whole head out the window before being discovered! Bogart watches with interest, but no inclination to help him, thankfully. So, here we sit on Sunday evening, aching from head to toe, wondering what the coming week will bring. There are lawyer appointments, carpet cleaners to admit to the old house, cleaning ladies to deal with (I couldn’t face the big final clean!), keys and garage remotes to collect together, and on Thursday, the house will belong to another family.
I now wonder what my next blog will tell you! Stay tuned…

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