Saturday, October 30, 2010

BUSY? You Betcha!

Our home SOLD! All is nearly final with monies coming our way on November 10th. It's taken some time, but we wound up satisfied with the negotiations, and can move forward once more. We had little time between the firming up of the sale and our moving date, hence my absence from blogging and sharing the news...

The past few weeks have been full of the sorting, packing, and preparing to make not just one, but two moves at once. I've never tended to do things by halves, and this is proving no exception! Determining what furniture and items go to which destination was not easy. There are far too many choices to make, and being wrong could be expensive in the short and long run. I’ve packed what stays in Canada ready to move to our little basement suite, and semi-packed – mostly sorted and re-arranged - what will go to Panama. The house is an absolute mess, so for one who loves a cozy and tidy home, this is not good. My anxiety levels rise when I feel “not in control” and a mess signals lack of control like a clarion call to arms! Even the cats are distressed, one starting to pee in odd places to show his disapproval. “Oh, my… what next?” he seems to say. The other guy, the hairy little Forest cat, just loves the boxes, the paper and the general disarray, just adding to the confusion with leaps, bounds and fluffing everything up. I’m continually startled by a large puss leaping at me from the midst of some tissue!

Today was a red flag one. We moved most of the planned contents to the suite, with a minimum of fuss and confusion. Glory be! Great help from family members, and all progressed in orderly fashion, despite the rather small truck. Note: when moving at the end of a month, book earlier. Even the weather cooperated! So, there are TWO spaces in a mess now. But let’s look on the bright side. One cat will continue to love the places he can hide and startle from, one cat will find new spots to pee in, one husband will take me out for dinner again, and I will not wear any make-up or do my hair for yet another day! So all is not lost. And for the next two days, I will madly complete the local move in preparation for the BIG GUYS who will pack us and containerize us for storage before shipping us to Panama. Sounds painful. Come to think of it – wouldn’t it be easier to put a large number of postage stamps on me and shove me in a mailbox somewhere? Could shorten the process, eh?

Next up will be the getting that approval for the mortgage (a big stressor for me!), paying some money to the developer, and finally having our house started on! What me worry? Maybe it’s time to start on tranks!

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