Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As a youngster, I remember playing board games and card games with great relish. After all, we didn't have a television until I was 12 years old, and ours was a 12" screen complete with hanging magnifying glass so we could all see the picture (some days, that is!). There was one channel, the BBC, in black and white and I thought it quite marvellous, if a little clouded and often without sound, depending on the way the rabbit ears faced!

When I taught at the local university, my students howled at my descriptions of my young life - they had no idea what life was like without HD TV, Wii, I-phones, the internet, text messaging and phones with little tiny buttons...I dared not tell them the whole truth in case I was committed and returned to the Ark for rehabilitation!

My recent life had become deja vu. I have been transported back to the joy of climbing ladders and the despair of landing on a snake tail. Last week, I thought I had found that incredibly long snake that would whisk me back to the start of the game. But all was not lost after all! The snake stopped partway and I found myself climbing a ladder once more. Glory be I shouted...the universe has heard my pleas, and we are back on track, albeit two months later than anticipated!
Once more we have an accepted offer on our house and this one looks for real. If all progresses as it should, we will receive our monies on November 10th and be gone off to our little apartment (around 800 square feet!) and can start building the house in Panama. Another 8 months after that and we will be "sunbirds". This is my term for our situation , 'cos we aren't snowbirds, jetting off during winter to find the sun, but quite the opposite in that we will be jetting back to Canada to cool down on occasion.

I did receive all my documents back from Ottawa and am forced to start that process over. Never mind, I say, all will be well. We just have to remain patient and do as we are told. There is no deviating from the edicts of government. One has to remember who generally works for our various levels of government - the most anally inclined and procedure oriented persons on the planet!

On a bright note to conclude this post, I am discussing future publication of this delightfully entertaining and informative missive! So, read on, sign up to follow me, and give me feedback. After all, it all YOUR fault I am even considering the possibility of sharing my quirkiness with the whole world!

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