Monday, September 13, 2010


Just when I began to believe some forward progress may actually be occurring, all my documents that went to Ottawa were returned, apparently unread and definitely not dealt with! An accompanying letter indicated I had failed to "do it right". Yikes! So back to the beginning with this part...accrediting documents so we can apply for our pensionados. I met with a notary friend in town and she says it is a lengthy process that is being asked for: copy documents, notarize all ($150 per), send to Notary Publics Association for approval, forward to Provincial Attorney General, forward to Government of Canada for authentication, and finally to the Panamanian Consulate for approval. Total cost...?$1000 plus? Time frame? Months? Years? And Canada lets just about anyone in the door without so much as an application form! Wonder if I could claim to be a refugee from an incompetent country that will surely cause me a heart attack before long?

Needless to say, best start this process VERY early in in the overall planning. As we have revised our plan to rent in Panama, all is not lost. I'll just start it over, swallow the cost, and eventually when we arrive in Panama, we should be able to proceed with the visa application. I'm amazed at the costs of all this! Who knew?

On the home front, our Buyer has until September 20th to remove those final conditions of the sale. If that doesn't happen, big question! Do we seek a new Buyer, or extend yet again. In the meantime, we are now paying rent for our little apartment as well as our mortgage. As to the sale of the business, there has been a new inquiry that sounds hopeful Fingers (plus toes and eyes) crossed! Next question...would I do it again? Yes - for now! But, I am tired of the For Sale sign out front, not knowing whether to pack anything, wanting to start the new house, wanting to experience the warmth, the ocean breezes, the very essence of Panamana! Sometimes I feel absolutely overwhelmed and weary. Being retired is great, but would be better if I could get active with the next steps! I long to be settled just 7 degrees north of the equator (!), having family and friends visit our beautiful home with it's two guest suites, lazing in the pool, wandering the local paths to the beach or the tennis courts, ambling into Pedasi for an evening meal, or to visit the lovely little parks, etc. etc. etc.

Ah, well, "The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley" as Burns would pronounce!

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