Monday, August 23, 2010

By extension, more waiting!

Ho Hum, once more. Our Buyer asked to extend the completion of our house sale, and we agreed. Sales are very "soft" lately, so we may as well just hang on. Had some other showings, but no more offers. September traditionally brings out the buyers once the school year gets re-started. However, as this is now a buyer's market here, who knows? Now we are also funding the rental in Canada, so it would be great to sew up the sale.

I made a mistake when I sent my documents to the Panamanian Embassy in Ottawa. Darn! The printout was very tiny (should have redone it!), and I missed some vital information such as "send dollars with the request for accreditation". Advice - read the fine print! Now I'm trying to make contact, and who knows where my original documents wound up. Oh, the joys of all this paperwork! As it is, we seem to be Canadian residents for some more months, so no huge deal, but I really don't want to regather all that paperwork!

Now that I am retired, I thought I could speed up the process, but perhaps the Fates have other ideas? At least the weather has remained darn nice...I spend about twice a week working on the Rosetta Stone to learn Latin American Spanish. Goodness knows how I'm doing...I get ok marks on it, but no real practice. I bet it'll be like my French! Whenever I am in La Belle Province - Quebec - I want t practice my six years of French education, and as soon as I open my mouth, eyes roll, and les quebcois respon in English! HAH! I guess it's my Parisian French spoken with an English accent that confuses them? If one more set of eyes roll into someone's forehead, I'll smack him or her!

I had received some information about taking the cats to Panama. Just another set of papers, signatures, and money! Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Until my next little rant....adios!

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