Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes, time does fly when you're having fun, so why does it seem to stand still at other times? Still waiting to get some kind of response from the Panamanian Consulate in Ottawa, still waiting to verify our house sale as firm, still waiting to know when we can move some furniture and winter items to the rental in Canada. Ho hum.

All is not bad however, as I have had some contact with other Canadians planning their moves to Costa Pedasi, and it is heartening to realize that others have experienced or are experiencing similar time frames and frustrations. In fact, I don't really think this is so frustrating after all! I'm enjoying being newly retired, the weather is cooperative, I have oodles of time to sort and prepare for the packing, plus I have shopped some sales for various items we will require in Panama. The glass is half full therefore!

Even though our home is "sold" we still agree to viewings by potential buyers (a back-up offer would be nice!). This morning with just over 2 hours notice, I managed a very good clean around which included some ironing! It's actually a fine art preparing one's home for a viewing. Good to have taken that course in Home Staging!!! All that advice I've been handily tossing to my Sellers as a Realtor is being used by yours truly to good effect. (At least, I do hope so!).

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