Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Christmas season is rolling closer and keeps me busy with buying, baking, decorating etc. which is just fine with me. I have always loved Christmas on many levels, and the hustle and bustle that others may find onerous, I find stimulating and rather good fun! I didn’t expect to be still living in Canada prior to Christmas this year, so it is delightful to be able to accomplish those many tasks in a leisurely way. Yesterday, while searching and buying at some local malls, I stopped for a quiet moment to eat and sit near where the kiddies were lining up with their parents to see Santa. So entertaining! I chuckled loads, and remembered my own trials and joys of Santa visits with my three imps many years back.

Meanwhile, finally a contact from Scotiabank Panama – no, not the final approval, but questions to verify bits of information previously offered. At least we haven’t been forgotten, and I do truly believe it will all happen, just not in my time frame. I think of how we get older every day (such a silly thought!), and picture myself wasting away to nada before I manage to live in Panama. How dramatic can one person get?

So, the Christmas tree (not our usual one, but a smaller version) is decorated and some bits and pieces of glitter and colour are scattered around the suite, most of the gifts are purchased, so now to write the cards and wrap. I have an annual newsletter to compose and this should be an interesting one!


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