Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Slough of Despond

Just when I think all is moving along, albeit slowly, everything comes to a standstill. It seems that our Buyer for the house in Canada may back out (can't sell her home!), the business has had NO enquiries for some time, and we gave up on purchasing the condo! Hmmmm! When life gives you lemons, make, we have now made an agreement to rent my son's basement suite(a very good idea as we will save quite a bit, although no investment here). We are still committed to the rental in Pedasi as of August which is looking like a very iffy date! I may be able to salvage that one. All of which means confusion, uncertainty, pushing back dates etc. AAAAGH!

The estimator regarding the international packing, storing and eventual transportation of many of our household goods visited this past week. A very helpful company (Allied International) with good suggestions, loads of information, and an estimate regarding costs to be provided in a day or two. May be as much as $15,000 including insurance. We can go with the standard plan re insurance which would be way over our total value in fact, or I have to itemize every item which will be moved. Sounds worse than it is - some items can be grouped for ease of calculation. Then we would pay 3% of the estimated value during storage and shipping. I am impressed with the overall presentation and will expect great service. If that turns out to be the case, I will use this company's information as a reference for others!

All is not lost! Yet! A delay in our move to Panama may work out better. The shorter time we pay rent in two places, the better financially, so long as we can be nearby as our house is finished. I sense I can trust the contractor; he comes with great references. So, back to the drawing board as we try to get another offer on our Canadian home...had 2 booked showings this past week, except one didn't enter the house. I felt like going out to the car, screaming "Get in that house, right now!" but realized with a start, this wasn't my child I was regarding with such an evil eye! Ah, me. Did I ever do that? By the way, all is well these days on the home front; some family members are really unsure how this will all pan out. Can't say I blame them...there is a feeling of what if? and how will it work? about the plans.

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