Sunday, June 13, 2010

At a Snail's Pace

Each week sees me assessing the progress (or not) of our impending move. I know the Latin attitude is somewhat manana, but time really does drag when one sits and waits! This coming week should see forward movement at home, with both the purchase of our home, and our condo purchase becoming firm/unconditional. That will be a relief, though I admit to reeling some reluctance to leave our current home. It sadly needed redecorating when we moved in, and with that being accomplished I have grown fond of the place! I love the choice of wall colour, the furniture (mostly) and as a home, it is cosy, and ours. However, I remember the gorgeous place we will be building in Panama, and look ahead. I'm trying to pin down the opening of a chequing account in Panama - needed for wire transfer of monies, and for cheque writing! Another email sent, and with luck, a positive reply tomorrow?
The granting of our loan in Panama has to wait until I no longer owe any monies in Canada...i.e. the mortgage is paid out. Chris cannot borrow money in Panama as he is over 75. No further discussion! Still more steps - more like giant boulders - to overcome as we will be arranging the sale of two cars, some furniture, transferring of some utilities, cancelling of others, and determining what needs to be packed for the condo, the rental, and the eventual house! Complicated? You betcha!
I have decided to actually retire (who, me?)as of June 24th, when my Realtor license becomes renewable. A hard decision as I do love what I do, but I need the time for all these tasks, to pack, to label, to phone, etc. etc. Just when I thought life would become simpler, it suddenly got extremely complicated, convoluted, and downright awkward! Wouldn't trade it all for any boring sit-at-home!

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