Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're Renters

Well, we have signed a 6-month lease to rent a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house in the village of Pedasi. Not quite what we are used to, but let's hope we can cope!

There are still many small arrangements to make, such as internet service, satellite TV, how to receive mail (apparently rather sporadic and unreliable!) etc. We are viewing condos in BC and may have selected one for our home base. I plan to negotiate on price though!
This all means that the planned relocation is moving inexorably forward, there's no turning back. Am I finally having misgivings? I have remained excited and uplifted about the whole concept, but let's face it - when push comes to shove, I still tend to shove back! Why? How should I know?
No matter, this adventure is oozing forward like molasses, and I'm the lucky fly caught up in the ooze. UGH!

Another solid arrangement made today...carpets will be cleaned by COIT at 33 1/3% off the day before our Buyer moves in - haven't lost my bargaining skills. I also bought 4 gorgeous thick, thirsty, colourful, and huge beach towels today for our future pool, so you will not have to bring/pack that item when you visit! My plan is to have a delightful, bright, vacation room and bath for my visitors who will probably never go home when they see what I have put together. OOPS! I think I'll get 2 more of those towels. At $13.49 they're a real bargain!!! (Costco). Too bad they'll end up packed for several months.
Are any of you taking notes of all these little bits of advice, and all the details? Lucky, I'm organized and make endless lists!

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