Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I haven't rented in such a long time, it will seen weird. We gave up the condo we intended to purchase in favour of a rental in a relative's home; a clean, 2 bedroom suite with garden access and private entrance that will be absolutely ideal for when either both or one of us is in Canada! No added expenses as utilities are included, plus knowing the place will be safe when we are away is great. For the family, it means year-round rental without year-round tenants. A win-win!

Letting the Pedasi rental go is proving a little tougher...our owners there are being very understanding and seeking new tenants as I type. Hopefully, they will find someone soon, and we will only need to pay for one rental for the next few months as we still try to sell that darn business! Economically, this obviously isn't the best time to be for sale in either market - residential and commercial. We are still waiting for our home buyer to find her own buyer! Patience may be a virtue, but I lost mine many years ago! We still plan to supervise as much of the building as we can though.

On a more positive note: we are delighted we have settled on the Canadian base of operations (so to speak) and that brings a sense of peace! I am SO eager to get going on the building part of our plan...

Several documents (income verifications, RCMP criminal check, marriage certificate copy) have been forwarded to the Panamanian Consulate in Ottawa for verification so we can apply for our visa when we arrive in Panama. Each step in this process is yet another expense as we also require a Panamanian lawyer to facilitate that application, and there are fees attached to every action! Taking two cats to Panama involves yet more application papers, vet documentation, fees to a Panamanian vet at the airport in Panama, and a no doubt horrendous flight with two outraged pussies eventually! Did I ever say I am the eternal optimist. I think that attitude is absolutely essential when undertaking an adventure of this kind!!! Where does it say "Beware of what you wish for"?

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