Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slow Going...Feels like a traffic jam!

The weeks seem to crawl sometimes, then I look at the date and once more realize that in actual fact, time really does fly! No further progress in our move at this point. I spent literally hours attempting that fax to the Bank...found I was missing one number in the fax number. OMG, but that is so frustrating! I still haven't determined for sure that the faxed documents were ever received...does anyone work there? One definite frustration is the time difference - only two hours when we are on DST, but 3 once the winter comes. Their time zone is ahead of us, and I have to consider the opening hours as well as the time change. I suggest all documents would arrive sooner if mailed, a la "snail mail".
No offers on the business at this point...another frustration. Interest has been expressed, but nothing more said. The house is for sale as of May 1st, and one showing so far, plus a positive response from the Realtor Tour. Price seems to be bang on at least! I'm not feeling like I need to hurry, but in another sense, there is a feeling of dragging this on, and I've always preferred doing to waiting. I'm about to purchase hanging baskets etc for the garden and patio, and I usually spend a few hundred dollars. It is difficult to know how much this year! If I am around all summer, no problem with the expense - but if we sold soon, then what? I wouldn't be taking a bunch of potted plants in container shipping, eh?
Today I received a great photo from the VP, Sales at Costa Pedasi...I'll add it to the post somehow (don't know how yet!). I decided I could let Chris drive in Panama after seeing this one, as it looks like slow going after all. When last there, I noticed the drivers are not only aggressive, but pretty risk-taking. Not Chris' style!

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