Friday, May 7, 2010

The Difficulties Begin

We have sent off our deposit, and sincerely hope we don't lose this! The house is for sale, I have begun the application to the Panamanian bank, and we have actually begun the long process of relocation! My daughters think this could be exciting and the adventure I hope for. The oldest waits to visit with her daughter, the younger thinks we will have fun, BUT my son is dead against the move and says I am betraying the family. What???? Friends and peers congratulate us on being so bold, and although we acknowledge this is likely only for a few years (up to 5?), we are being encouraged to proceed. We already have one set of friends who are keen on a house exchange over Christmas...
I advise starting the applications early! I have completed the banking forms so we can open an account at Scotiabank in Panama, and have applied for a small loan. All this takes time and there are many forms and documents to collect and fax/send off. Faxing isn't much fun! I am having difficulty connecting to the bank fax, and need to explore why! Once I sort this out, I will start with a lawyer in Panama so we can begin application for a pensionado or retirement visa. Knowing that time moves more slowly in Central America is helpful and reassures me that I am not being precipitous in my actions.

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  1. I think it sounds fabulous and Trav will be OK in the long run once he realizes that it's not forever... I look forward to hearing more! Congrats!