Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Hurdle Cleared!

After all that attempting to fax, then correcting the phone number (one number missing!), trying again to email the file to the bank, and getting error messages about the size of the file, I sat and thought on it....eureka!....I opened the guilty file which was saved as a .pdf and found I could extract any or all pages. New learning curve I end up with the original file with 9 pages plus 9 separate documents. Hmmm...I emailed the bank and attached each document as a separate attachment. Same size email, 9 attachments, and it went through! Now, why not as one file? Beats me. Technology may be marvellous, but after a week plus of trying all sorts of ways to get the information to Panama, and short of just mailing the whole dang thing, and becoming entirely whacko, the dang file has now entered cyberspace and landed in the right lap(top)!

I wonder if this is going to be typical. You are likely saying, 'silly goose, I could have suggested that!' Well - why didn't you? No matter, onward is the watchword. No takers for the business or the house yet. Early days on the house, and we will need some time to prepare, downsize, throw out or otherwise deal with years of clutter (I just keep moving it all from house to house) including Chris. OOOOPs, did I say that? I jest! I'm still getting flak from close quarters, although most of the family and friends seem supportive. Something to be prepared for whenever you make a change. I had very mixed reactions when I returned to university at age 50...some due to jealousy or inability to do the same. At that time, all family and closer friends were totally with me.

I experienced a mini traffic hold-up in Abbotsford last week...two Canada geese and their six delightful offspring were crossing Mt. Lehman road, so I stopped for a Kodak moment - thank goodness for cameras with phones! I'm trying to transfer it to the computer. Why is it so hard when you don't need to do something, but if it doesn't make a hoot of difference, you can always work it out. Is that guy Murphy after me? Hmmph! Let's see what this next week can bring. It is quite funny really...

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