Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piles...of paper, that is

Movement is snail-like as in 2 steps forward, one step back. After an absolute multitude of attempts, I did manage to get those 9 pages of documents to the Bank in Panama, only to receive an email with a new list to complete! Originally, I counted 8 items: job letter and 2 pay slips for those with a "job"; last 2 income tax returns or audited financial statements; 2 picture IDs; asset verification; copy of purchase and sale agreement; 2 public utility bills with current address; reference credit report; 2 bank reference letters. Those were for the Home Financing Specialist at Scotiabank, PA. The Personal Banking Officer required: passport and additional picture ID; 2 personal references; 1 bank reference letter; 1 utility bill to verify address. Whew! Collating all this is not the easiest to do as far as I am concerned...
so, I am almost there in order to open an account at the bank; just need to complete the contact addresses of my references! As to the loans officer, this is the list she returned after receiving my docs: 1 more bank reference letter; addresses of references; NOA for 2008, 2009 plus T4s and T5s, 1st 2 pages of T1; bank account statements document with bank's LOGO! updates driver's license (mine had expired since we were in Panama); confirmation of land and construction agreements. I tell you all this to point up the mass of information and documents needed in order to open an account and apply for a small loan! My suggestion? START EARLY!
Once this part is complete, I have a strong feeling I will be repeating much of this to apply for a retirement visa! OMG, but who knew the paperwork could be such a drag? I don't find it funny yet, though the repetitive faxing and attempts to email those docs did strike me as ludicrous. And I am reasonably techno-literate! I visited Humongous Bank (RBC) today to ask for the second reference letter as I was a customer of theirs from 1975 until 2010...was initially told "NO, you don't have an account with us". Trying to keep a straight face, I reiterated my history, and asked for a letter with a simple statement that I was their customer for those years. God bless her, the young thing talking to me (a manager? At her age?)agreed and we spent another 15 minutes talking about my intended destination. At least I left with that so necessary letter in hand!
On the home front, our house is being showed, and now we aren't sure we want on offer yet! WAIT! We're not ready...we need an offer on the business first. Oy vey! Getting these things in the right order is a challenge too...I still haven't retrieved that photo from my cell!!!

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