Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Hurdle Hurtled

That title rings a little weirdly! Well, despite my prediction that it would take 2 months to get an offer on our house, we got one after 3 weeks exactly. Hmmmph. Only $5,000 less than asking price so what does a person do - agree of course. Only glitch in the deal is the date of our leaving...another little detail to be worked out. Soon, I will need to alert my client base, and having made some sound arrangements regarding my business, all should go smoothly. It's Chris' business that is the biggest block to our next step. We now need an offer there and we can start packing, literally.
This long weekend, I decided to finalize all the document sending to our proposed bank in Panama. Sounds easy; took over an hour to scan, then email only 11 documents as attachments. I've lost track of just how many pages have flown off into cyberspace, there to circulate forever, perhaps never touching down permanently. Next up will be the lawyer's requests. Aaaargh!
I found out from a new pal in Ontario with whom I now have an entertaining and rather hilarious relationship (he's also a Realtor and heading to Costa Pedasi) that it has taken one of the first owners 8 months already to build his house! And I don't think it is ready for move-in yet. OMG,I can see it now. Me, sitting on a bare rock, in the hot sun, complete with sunglasses, and wineglass, urging on the Panamanian lads to "work faster", to "stop lollygagging around", "no siesta today boys!" How to win friends and influence people. NOT! Hmmm, this needs some serious reflection on strategy...

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