Monday, May 24, 2010

Progress on the "Home" Front

Some great news today when talking to Martin...we will be able to build the Dolphin model with modifications. This is my favourite model - I like the layout of the living area and the master bathroom is super! We are also going to be able to start construction sooner than expected; however it seems the time frame remains 10-12 months. 6 months is acceptable, 8 months is tolerable, and 12 months is over the top! I may have to brush up my charm even more...I hope Panamanian men like elderly blondes who bake cookies, or I may be hooped.
Chris and I plan to celebrate all the progress of this past weekend by going out for - wait for it - fish and chips!

Thus far, lawyer fees as quoted for the visa process are sky high. Maybe we could finance the entire country if a number of us applied at the same time? We would certainly make a huge dent in anyone's debt! I will ask for another referral to compare.(Sorry, Don!).

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