Sunday, June 15, 2014

Typical Tropical Time

Another tranquil week. We are low on cash these days, so go out very little other than to collect groceries and pick up mail.  My upcoming trip to Canada is fairly costly, so it's lean pickin's for now! With the pool, a stock of good movies, netflix and now World Cup, there are good reasons to stay home. We watched "The Exotic Marigold Hotel" a few nights ago, and laughed like crazy. A great movie, with an excellent cast and some subtleties that did not escape this aging pair. I highly recommend this one. On the other hand, coverage from Brazil  of the greatest sporting event in the world lacks too much. Not all games are televised here, the commentating in Spanish leaves much to be desired, and the filming is sometimes quite dreadful! Too bad...
Not OUR garden!

Chris has been busily hacking away at the profusion of greenery we have - all those "little" plants from last June are now huge. They will grow back through rainy season, but I was aghast at first. I am eager to get the back done. Lots of grass, some that we planted, some that just grew, and it is time to put in those fruit trees and flowering shrubs. We need more privacy in the back, and with how stuff grows here, it won't take long to create all the privacy we require. Chris cuts the grass every four days, and seems to be enjoying gardening much more now that he has time for it. It was always a chore with only one or two spare days a week.

The outdoor kittens are growing too. Lucas (previously Lucy) and Spaz are leggy and lean little go-getters. They wrestle and play when awake, then eat, and sleep for hours at a time. They are a beautiful pair! Chris managed to stroke Lucas the other day - just for a moment, but it is a step in the right direction. Our goal is to get them neutered asap! Momcat turned up after being gone three weeks, and we see that she and Fredi are in the family way again. Woe! Fertile little beasts! Why doesn't someone invent cat food with contraceptives? Call it "Contrakibble"...

I am avidly watching for whales now, in case they turn up before I fly off. Last year they arrived while I was away. It is a joyful sight watching them cavort in the ocean. The turtle watches are on now, and the tuna are running. Life moves on and on. Our development plods along also; sidewalks all done; tree planting in  public areas; repainting over the entrance; maybe a start on the clubhouse in a few months. When the grass grows back with the change of season, it looks much more attractive.

On a personal note, I plan to start a novel after my trip home. It will aimed at the young adult market. I am also slowly preparing to teach Conscious Aging Workshops as I became accredited last week as a facilitator. I would like to try a course or two here, but eventually will offer these in Canada. My pool exercises and swimming continue, and lo', I am losing weight again. Good for my health! Chris is so healthy, he seems 20 years younger! Retirement really can be great without spending loads of cash, or having all the conveniences in the world.

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