Sunday, June 8, 2014

The rain is here

Our development erected the sign I asked for at that community isn't what I had in mind though. I envisioned a tasteful granite or concrete structure, low to the ground, with the logo and name"Costa Pedasi Beach Community" engraved. It would be permanent and an asset at the entrance. Well, communication being what it is, this is what we got:

An enormous advertising hoarding! It is on the correct corner...

Little to pique interest this past week, but some interesting events around our house. The rain has started in earnest over the last several days. We've had some downpours to beat all previous rain this year; those were mere showers in comparison! The humidity  seems a bit less daunting, but the days with no breeze are brutal for anyone who perspires. I absolutely drip from my hairline sometimes. Sunny days intersperse with those wet ones and are still quite hot. The pool is being used almost daily still. Chris is thankful he needs not water the garden! Cagney is seeking higher ground like the insects...

and Mitzi just hides...

On Wednesday, friend Cori and I had a delicious lunch at The Bakery in town. We both ordered a breakfast and had tea/coffee, and talked our heads off. We walked over to her friend's house, where Cori is caring for a cat (which is up for adoption!). The silly little thing won't eat her soft food as there is medicine in it - ever tried to give a cat a pill? I'll use a column one day to describe our experiences giving a pill to Cagney! I drove Cori home and visited with her and her four cats awhile. They are all lovely girls, never go far from home (all are spayed) and very loving to Cori.

Saturday, friends Bill and Maryellen stopped by with two friends of theirs plus a lady from Texas who was visiting the area. Micky and Magoo from South Florida have been in Pedasi since early December. They sold everything, packed a few boxes and now rent a little flat on the main street. Magoo says they are unsure what is next, and are are just experiencing the area for now. Another delightful couple that I hope we get to know better. Theresa tells us she owns a lot in Andromeda Estates and has no idea what she will do with it. She lives in Houston and came from Poland. She says she has been reading my blog for some time, and told Bill and Maryellen she wanted to meet the author - they chimed in with "We know her -she's our friend!" Small world! Theresa said some very kind words about my blog and I was thrilled to have a fan visit! I forgot to take her photo - darn. She would have been tickled pink to see herself here.

Our hot water tank has cleared itself somehow, and after running (wasting) water for 10 minutes, it provides me with my desirable hot shower! I downloaded its manual from a website, and lo' - it has been wrongly installed. Of course. Along with that grief, the electrical outages have restarted. Most annoying when one is in the middle of cooking a great-smelling stew, and it isn't ready until three hours later than planned! I think we inhaled it when it was finally done.

Life in the tropics is _______.You can fill in the blank!

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