Monday, November 4, 2013

The Menagerie Grows

Friends Tom and Theresa from Canada spent the past 10 days at their Casa, and we have enjoyed their visit as usual. We helped them bring home an outside table and chairs for their patio last Monday, so since we were in Chitre anyway, took advantage of the time to get our groceries at El Rey and to view what was on sale at the DoIt Centre. I picked up a router also in Chitre, which I have wanted for some time, and have now networked the two wireless laptops. We were back to Chitre on Thursday to register with a doctor, get a basic examination, and for Chris to request some medication. The visit was $30 for the two of us.

The pool surround was being laid, not yet grouted, and the blue tiles around the pool perimeter have been completed - they look gorgeous! Tuesday evening we tried out a new restaurant in town with Tom and Theresa and really enjoyed a meal and dessert for a very reasonable price all told. The four of us had drinks and wine plus the meal and dessert for $50.00. Brisas de Pedasi is owned by Tony who comes to town by way of Jersey, New York, New Orleans and Florida. He prefers to cook Caribbean style and his food tastes good! Wednesday morning we were off to our Spanish classes which are fun and informative...I am learning more vocabulary and sharpening my grammar a tad. On Friday, the electrical connections were completed for the pump-house, the pool light etc, and we won't see the crew until next Wednesday now. Hoping for several dry days so the painting can be done may be a mite optimistic, but I ask anyway.

Saturday evening we fed Tom and Theresa one of my newest specialities - beef stew done in the crock pot. It is usually delicious...I hope they agreed! They were back to Toronto and very cold weather on Sunday. I wrote up an article for International Living today which will be off to their editor on Wednesday. He requested an article from me and I was flattered to do this! I hope it flies....ho hum.

A tiring week after all!

We have added four 'homeless kitties to our menagerie! They were left in the area some time back now, and we used to leave some food out at night for them. It was always gone by morning. Well, we have progressed to 'MomCat', 'Freddie' and the 'Ginger Twins' visiting us every day around 5:30 pm, and we have purchased specific kibble for them. They tuck in voraciously, watching over their shoulders, and sometimes darting away briefly  if we open a door or make some noise.  They are the little family that visited Chris when I was in Canada last June. The kittens are almost as big as Mom now, and the girls are beautifully marked white and deep ginger. How we would love to get them their immunizations and have each one spayed/neutered, but this may be an impossible dream! Mom is extremely skittish, and although two of the kittens are curious, we have not attempted any contact. I don't give up easily, but this may be more than I can manage! Time will tell...

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