Monday, May 6, 2013

How I love progress!

Lots of little events in one week, yet our time seems lazy and very Panamanian right now!

Last Monday we took a short drive to Los Destiladeros (hard to spell and even harder to say!) We drove right to the end of the road, past the big Los D. development with its little casas for rent and its nicely treed grounds, and on to Villa Camilla which is a lovely hotel with absolutely beautiful grounds and a little cafe right off the beach. The beach was glorious - the tide was out and the surf magnificent! A spot to return to with any visitors...

 The only problem...we ordered two pina coladas and two ice creams. The bill came to $22.00 before tax. As you can see, the view from our table was lovely, and we could have sat the rest of the day watching that surf.

On the way home, we stopped by an artisan's abode, and ordered a mesa to be made for our patio. Israel is an older local who has a huge outdoor workshop complete with the requisite sawdust and hand-made items sitting everywhere. Our 6' by 30" table finished would cost $120.00, and to our amazement when I asked when he could have it made, he said 'Sabado' - next Saturday? We'll see when we visit. Anyway, Chris picked it up on Saturday, and it looked great. Cash handed over and the table arrived home in the SUV...

On Saturday, ADD Design arrived to finish installation of our bedroom closets. Hurrah! Two workmen were here from 10:30 until 6:00 pm and there is still a door and a piece of bottom trim missing . Ho hum. On Sunday, we hosted an al fresco dinner with four friends in the development with laughter to match the consumption of wine and beer. I think Chris and I literally fell into bed that night.

Cagney is quietly lazing about and saw the vet today. Three shots and oral medicine administered to his utter disgust, and he needs to continue with more antibiotic and vitamins. He is still anaemic, and has a fever. I suppose being a purebreed makes him more sensitive? Mitzi charges around the house when awake, and flops contentedly wherever she is once tired. She is entertaining, and growing leggier than ever. Her coat is developing nicely, and both Dr Diaz and his wife Esse were delighted to see how she had grown when she had her first vet visit today. She too had shots, immunizations and oral worm medicine. Not impressed was her reaction! When we put her back in the crate, she curled up and fell asleep, likely exhausted. Wait 'til we do the flea treatment tomorrow!

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