Monday, April 29, 2013

No April showers here!

Another week has flown by with some small and interesting developments. Friend Beth left for Toronto on Thursday, and says she already misses Panama! Pierre and Diablo (their standard poodle) are now batching it at Casa 5. Connie asked me to take a look at her plans for redecorating her master bedroom. I'm all for bright colour for this pair, to suit their personalities. Connie and Don half agree...we'll see what they end up with. We met with some more Costa Pedsi owners who stopped by our casa on the weekend. Bob, owner of lot 57, plans to start building in a few months. He and his partner are from Wisconsin and own three West Highland terriers (one of my favourite small dogs!). Bob is chatty and typically mid-west as far as I can make out - open and friendly. With him came Murray and Cathy, from BC, who own lot 65 and are about halfway built. They will be off to the 'big city' today to choose finishings. Not easy to do as I found out. Murray is a cabinet maker - could I ever use his talents! They own two standard poodles which will make Diablo happy assumedly. I think they have a few years to retirement!

Chris and I got back to beach walking this past week. We spent a pleasant hour beach-combing at Playa el Toro (Bull beach) and found a few small shells. With the tide way out, this beach has a rolling surf that you could watch for hours, and clambering around the rock is fun with all the wee tidal pools. Next was Playa la Garita (our development beach) and again with the tide out, we spent another hour combing the rocks for shells. There were at least 30 adults and kids boogie- board surfing and again, I felt drawn to just sit and watch. Today we will visit Playa el Arenal which is the best for just walking on clean sand with no-one in sight. The surf pounds right beside you, and the water is tepid and refreshing at the same time. After an hour of brisk exercise, we will stop for papas fritas (french fries)- hot and freshly made. The feeling of the wind and the crisp sea air is so invigorating, I could eat a few platefuls of those fries! We often sit for a while there,  watch the seagulls and frigate birds wheeling above the boats, seeking fish, listening to the Spanish music, and quietly meditating on our luck. This is the beach where the fishermen leave at 5 am and return around 11 am. At one time, anyone could buy a freshly caught fish for $1 here, but now no such luck - those fish head straight into the city for dinner that night! The fishers make a lot more money with this scheme.

Our cats continue to thrive. Cagney now interacts with Mitzi, carefully and within his limits. She gets sent packing quickly if she dares to presume on his tolerance! Mitzi is growing and now resembles a tummy with four long skinny legs and a long thin tail, with a tiny triangular head attached.

Her energy is boundless, until she wearies, drops wherever she is, and instantly falls asleep. Then we all sigh with relief. Cagney feels as though his weight has returned...I must try him on the scales soon.

Friday and Saturday, we had 'electrical' visitors, and it seems we will have our own electricity very soon. About time! I have been careful about using the AC and could run it a lot more for comfort. The house is running well now, and there is little to improve inside. Outside is another topic, and I surely could use some handsome young sons or sons-in-law to help! All in good time...

Chris at his favourite occupation of the day - watching soccer!

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