Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some activity at the building site in Panama this past week...the patio doors were installed! They are French doors which was my request. Hooray...no sign of the double-wide entry doors and windows at this time.

No other signs of change, so the coming weeks will hopefully see some more activity and progress.

Our commercial Realtor here has not received any urgent requests to buy the gallery, but I remain convinced that the universe will help me (eventually) and that all will fall into place. The eternal optimist! I send out positive vibes every day waiting for the breakthrough.

The cats are restless now the weather is so spring-like. Bogey is determined to get outside and fusses and frets whenever I sit on our patio. I feel like a heel, not letting them out, but there is no choice where we currently live. With prowling coyotes, bears, racoons, and the resident hound, it is just too dangerous for our boys. I truly hope that we can create a safe and fun outdoor environment for them in Panama. It needn't be large; an enclosed area with plants, some grass, and areas to dig and rest will suffice. They loved our last little enclosed patio area, and were out there much of the day (unless it rained, then Bogart preferred to be dry, while Cagney accepted an umbrella and boots). Actually, Cagney will stay out in any weather, no matter how hot or rainy!

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