Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf(ess) is Coming Your Way!

Humph! and double humph!

April just did not exist as far as our Panama house is concerned. All still awaits the next steps. If we had sold that gallery, I would be after our little Latino ingenerio Martin! As it is, he can get away with this for now until we receive another offer. Then beware cruel world; the lioness will be on the hunt, the hen will gather her chicks, the goose will come pecking with wings outstretched! (A bit overdone and cliched, I know.)

Here on the "wet" coast of North America, the weather is warming up, and I now have to replant some empty containers outside our entrance to cheer us up. I want to be planning a garden in warmer climes, but sadly, that is delayed. Humph! Meanwhile, I had a birthday which shortens our mortgage repayment, shortens my time to live abroad, and shortens my rope. It is said "Hang in there baby!" So be it...

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