Friday, October 14, 2011

A Successful Trip

Back to "normal", whatever that looks like! As I review last week, hectic as it was, I accomplished all I set out to do while in Panama, and overall the trip was not only successful, but timely.

The day of travel just getting to Panama is long, but with connections working right, I arrived relatively sane and refreshed, and was nicely settled into my hotel (The Veneto) by 8 pm (Central time). Having arisen before 4 am (PDT), the day was long, but I even managed a little doze on the plane which is unusual for me.

The week went by quickly with banking and insurance taken care of, and by Wednesday afternoon, I was off to Pedasi with my attorney. A marvellous lady, who drove me around the City, and translated as needed, Berta really earns her fee! She and I had a fun time driving from the City to the interior, making many stops along the way, and even getting a tasty snack at a cheese factory on the highway. The next few days were spent looking over the progress of Costa Pedasi and especially walking our house and discussing changes, reviewing plans, and expressing thanks in my unique mix of Spanish, English, Spanglish and pantomime!

Much is happening, and with some minor alterations, our house will be excellent, although at 1600 indoor square feet, smaller than many of the others. The US ex-pats seem to want bigger and me why, but if they have the moolah, so be it. My last morning in Panama was spent selecting floors, sinks, shower tiles, taps etc with the delightfully petite Mitzi, who works with our builder. We did so much in just over 2 hours, I was amazed!

Coming home was a very long day - I was up over 23 hours, so Chris and I have decided we must revise our trip plans for the next foray. It takes a few days to recover at my age!

This will be our bedroom, once the left hand window is made lower!

Looking toward the Great Room with two sets of French doors to be added yet.

A front view of entrance (an empty space right now!)

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