Saturday, September 10, 2011

We enter week eight

Saturday, September 10th Despite Chris’ daily inquiry “Is the roof on yet?”, I am delighted with the progress thus far. Steady wins the race, I suspect….and let’s be sure all is done correctly and well. Latin time is not the same as north American time indeed, but the job appears to be going well and no complaints from those observing for us . As we go into the eighth week, the foundation slab is close to being poured and time will fly as the walls go up. The eternal optimist, that’s me! Our local weather is helping me no doubt – I may sing a slightly different tune when the leaves fall and our perpetual rain starts. Lately, we have enjoyed lovely weather, and the gardens still look good. I have been trying to suss out what kind of gardening I can do in Panama. I know there are many fruit trees to grow, such as plaintain and mango, but I am curious as to veggies and flowers other than bouganvillia. I saw hibiscus, many flowering shrubs of ? when on our last trip. My Spanish is getting better, but flora and fauna may prove more complicated! I have a library full of gardening books for Canada, all of which I will leave behind. We both anticipate having a garden with vegetables and flowers once again, not high maintenance, hopefully, but enough to sustain us weekly, entertain us and keep us busy. Fish can be bought directly from the fishermen each morning at the beach, and I think roadside veggie stands may be a source of our vitamins. This kind of adventure means muchas learning, and I am lapping up the opportunity to discover all aspects of Central American life. I have read lots, and there is lots more to read yet. Speaking Spanish moderately well could be a boon! The photos that arrived on Friday show this cement block structure , very deep, and fairly large. Is this our septic tank, our water containment, or an underground room for Chris when he annoys me?
I have now asked our Panama lawyer to address the bank issue so the disbursement of funds can proceed smoothly. She is a great lady and has been invaluable! I get anxious about sending money so far, although each transaction from Canada has been quick with no glitches. All I need now is to feel assured that the bank there is on the same track. I wonder how this would have been without Skype and email?

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