Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Crew is Still Busy

I’m waiting for our lawyer to confirm contact with our Panama bank…a bit alarming right now as to date, the bank has been reasonably quick to respond. I note we have yet another senorita handling our accounts. This makes four since we started last year. No wonder we are continually asked to send documents that were sent months back! I would love to take a peek at our file. I was told recently that often when a Panamanian clerk receives an email in English, there is a degree of panic attached. I can relate to that as those documents I received in Espanol were very intimidating! The crew is speedilyn working toward that concrete pad, which means more money will need to be wired off, and I want the bank to bear part of this payment. It is definitely advisable to try for cash only when dealing with a builder to be sure there are no hold-ups in the process! The latest photos, taken on the 14th, show the rebar being laid out in preparation for the cement pouring. I assume this will mean another visit from the cement truck, and more wheel barrowing. My son sent me the comment that now the photos are taken, they can take the rebar back up! Cheeky devil, he loves to tease! I’ve been forwarding the photos to family and a few friends. At the rate we are going, I should have a book full of photos documenting the build when this is finally done.
Our “pals-to-be” in Pedasi are delightedly telling us that their home will be completed in less than six months – great news! Our home is a smaller version, so….. On another note, we are currently trying to make contact again with our potential buyers for the business. They were very keen a month or so ago, and we would hate to see them change their minds. The two of them would make a success of the gallery and take it in a whole new direction which could be very profitable. It is their best interest to get started well before Christmas, as the last two or three months of the year have been most profitable so far!

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