Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Verifiable progress

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

An email from our developer with a single word, “Progress!” The accompanying photo is evidence he is correct. Ground has been broken, a trench has been dug, sod has been turned and Casa des Gatos is about to rise from the ashes of delayed dreams and frustrated hopes! A bit dramatic for you? You should have been a fly on my wall this past week!

It’s sometimes hard to believe how many teensy issues can arise when one is an absent member of the team. Another past week of back and forth regarding a misplaced carport and the ramifications of the setback for the house. All was solved after two long-distance calls from the developer who is caught between us, the site manager, and our builder. Emails are an entertainment in themselves with the mix of Spanish, English, Spanglish, construction terms in Spanish and pleas for me to answer quickly! Yesterday, my email program decided to go on the fritz, and that was a whole hour wasted! With all the other lengthy delays, I’m unsure that one hour could be that devastating!

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