Monday, July 25, 2011

The fun begins…week one

Monday, July 25, 2011

After a full week of back and forth email regarding the orientation of the house, all was finally settled by Friday last week, and I was told the house would start soon. Waited all weekend, so patiently, and today received a note and photo to inform us there was activity on the lot! So, the true fun now begins, and if what has gone before seems annoying, I cannot imagine what might result from the actual build.
So far, I’ve found out that all is not what it seems…and I’m mightily curious as to the actual process and method of construction. I saw several homes in various states of construction on our last visit to Panama and Pedasi, and judging from that, techniques obviously differ greatly from what I’m used to. A pal in Pedasi has promised to record as much as possible and send this to me…should be a bit of fun seeing the progress and I really anticipate this with pleasure! Thanks, Don for being a pal – I visited your home in progress and took lots of photos, and now I get a great payback!
Tada – week one, day one…

…looks as though some stakes or markers are being placed to show the outline of the house? “Our tree” is off to the right of the photo, and the sold sign is near the left with the road in front. The front of the house will face northeast with the patio and pool facing southwest.

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