Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In waiting mode…

May 26th, 2011

I have learned a lot about patience and the Latin way in this past year! I am not looking for results until at least a week has gone by, and hope we can still get this show on the road by the end of the month. We wouldn’t move over Christmas anyway, so we think one more month won’t make a difference. Hah! Remember those best laid plans?
I received an interesting email today from a fellow in Panama who read my blog, and asked me to share some information with my readers. He has written a short article about plastic surgery in Panama and has some worthwhile links that I think are well worth sharing. Just in case some of us desire a lift or redo of some sort. Know I could do with a lot of redoing after the past year! Anyway, here is a link or two worth researching:
I do know medical care is excellent in Panama and costs are much lower than the US and Canada, even when you pay for it yourself! If you decide to bare yourself for surgery, be sure to take a nice vacation after while recuperating…and go home with a tan, and a new face, boobs or whatever! If I opt for the complete make-over, wonder what that would cost?

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