Saturday, March 7, 2015

Life goes on...

Time to play catch-up, and be back on my weekly schedule of blogging!

We still have the spare tire on the SUV as Chris is trying to search out where he will buy a replacement tire.  Means we cannot go far, or too often.  Small price to pay, as we have enough groceries for now, and no need to gallivant.  It seems he is forever getting his wallet out...some things never change.

We spent a pleasant evening with Tom and Theresa, and their guests Mike and Katherine (who leave next Monday), having a spaghetti dinner, and fruit dessert. I so prefer these more simple dinners our neighbours are providing lately. It all tastes delicious, and it is nice to know they didn't have to slave all day!  That was Wednesday, and walking home we found we had no need for our torch / flashlight as the moon was high and being almost full, very bright.

Last evening, John and Lynda hosted a farewell pot-luck for Pierre. Sadly, he is leaving to join his family in Canada. His wife, Beth, will be pleased to get him back!  Pierre has been a wonderful source of information as he researches thoroughly (like any good policeman!) and shares his findings. Many of us will miss him greatly. Most of our neighbours were at the do, plus a few others, so the evening was pleasantly spent chatting after sampling the variety of food laid out. After a full day of no electricity, and a frustrating time trying to make my rice pudding without using my rice cooker, I relaxed and enjoyed the evening.  Cathy cut my hair on Thursday, and there were many very nice comments coming my way!  My hair has not been this short for ten years, and last time it was several shades darker...

The winds continue here, not gale force, but most days very brisk. All plants are still suffering, and Mauricio reassures me they will grow back. Hope so, it is such a setback for the gardens. On Monday, Steve has promised to start painting and tiling the pool. He plans to have the horizontal surfaces tiled, and to paint the vertical parts. It will look nicer, and save all this repainting for the future. Steve has proven a great find - a thank you to Pierre for that!

Little Toby decided to come into the house twice now. After exploration, she disappeared to sleep somewhere, and Mitzi lost interest in her whereabouts. She is skittish but very curious.  Scruff seems to come and go like Lucky, and Fredi comes by to chow down most days- she is starving hungry right now. Porky Possum hasn't shown up again.

So, life continues...sun, wind, cats, kittens, dinners, cards, with a bit of writing thrown in for good measure!

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