Saturday, November 8, 2014

Beautiful weather

We have had some marvellous weather this past week, which was very welcome after that horrific storm on Hallowe'en.  Our pool has been consistently over 30 degrees C, and the sea that gorgeous cobalt blue I so enjoy.  No whales of course, as I guess they have now moved off.  We saw very little  of them this season.  I blame El Nino.  Water temperature was higher than normal, and as a result there were less fish and krill for the whales to eat!

Work is ongoing in the back garden, and I think we can finally see the end coming.   The roof is now on our casita, and next up is the door and window, then painting, and we're done with that aspect.  There are some more plants to go in, and I still want to find some bushes for privacy around the patio and pool.  An electrician was out there today, setting up for lighting in the casita and we discussed lighting for the patio under the tree.  He was all agreement, so I hope it looks good when done! All in all, it should be acceptable and usable space when completed.

Chris surveying his future domain

The path almost done

Ferns around the patio

Fredi decided there was too much activity near her babies, and moved the kittens back to the culvert where we believe they may have been born.  We miss the little ones and their growing activity!  But mother cats being the way they are, there is nothing to be changed by us. She was getting quite hostile even towards us.  We notice she still turns up twice daily to be fed and watered!

The adorable wee ones
I managed to stroke Spaz today!  He seemed to enjoy the attention - a step in the best direction if he is to get neutered soon.  Now to work on Fredi again.  Cagney's latest napping spot is on the credenza behind my desk, and Mitzi has returned to the basket of throws - the ones we never used after all.  We have never discovered where she last hid that little green ball, but she plays with a multi-coloured one now and seems to have forgotten her favourite toy.

Most of my plans for my Christmas visit to Vancouver and area are complete.Just a few last-minute purchases and I will be on my way in mid-December.

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