Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beach walking weather

Hot days with bright sunshine at the end of this past week ensured  some super beach walks. Arenal was calmer than usual with little surf. We walked quietly and watched for whales with no success. Very few people around and the cantina was closed again, so no cervesas or papas fritas. Darn.

This weekend we chose La Garita for our hour of ambling. I immediately remove my shoes and splash along in the shallows, getting my spa treatment (HAH), while Chris moves a little up beach to search for shells and doubloons! La Garita has areas that feel like coarse sandpaper near the water's edge so I return home with lightly abraded feet. Mostly it is pale sand with small shells and a little flotsam and jetsam washed in with the last high tide. Nobody in sight until we return home and so peaceful, it is unbelievable places like this still exist.

Our week typified retired life in this part of the world...up a little after the sun rises, light breakfast, a few chores each, then whatever we want! I'm trying to get some knitting finished for Christmas, but it feels too hot to hold! We both read avidly, so donations of novels always welcomed. A few visitors this week, including Matt who planted some mauve petunia-like plants around the slate patio out front. He will next prepare that estimate I need for us to begin the back garden. I've said 'Keep it simple' but already am eager to add more! We agreed to low maintenance, but I do get carried away when I see the garden shops. We do agree on more patio pots as the bougainvillea seems to love being a bit dry, and therefore blooms more!

Berta, our loyal friend and lawyer, dropped by Friday afternoon accompanied by two nieces who have been helping her with filing. They are lovely, friendly girls of 16 years,petite and learning English in school. Berta tells us our refinancing of the mortgage we originally opened with Scotiabank is moving along, and that my pensionado final documents are in Panama City and will need to be collected in the coming weeks. All good news!

We wound up the week today on our patio and saw Orcas and Humpbacks breaching and blowing. One last hurrah?

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