Monday, May 27, 2013

Upswinging social life...

Our social life is becoming a bit of a whirl! Over the past few years in Canada, with not having our own space, we have entertained very little - just family really. Now we are back in the swing, and quite enjoying it. Friday evening, new friends from lot 64, Larry and Kimi from California took us out for pizza. We showed them the newest Italian restaurant which is a house not too far from us. Best pizza in Pedasi so far! A great fun time only marred by the numerous little biting flies that come out after dark. The little nippers are so annoying, and Kimi and I both went home with hundreds of welts over arms and legs! Apparently, these last about the first two weeks of 'rainy season'. Fingers crossed!

On Saturday evening, we had invited these two for BBQ on our patio - and although the chicken got a little blackened (as usual), and the bugs had invited themselves too - we had a laugh filled evening with two delightful people.  Sunday evening we met up with Don, Connie, Larry and Kimi and had a tasty dinner at Casita Margarita. Chris and I stayed there almost exactly two years ago on one of our trips. There is now a new owner (Ted is ex-coastguard from California and Hawaii) who is starting some new traditions, and the $6 dinner evening is one of them. Dinner included a delicious hamburger/ cheeseburger, potato salad, beans and a beer. A good deal! Less bugs this time as Kimi came prepared w a new bugspray like 'Off' or  similar name. The overhead vines on the patio were in full bloom with lilac coloured clematis-like flowers - very pretty.

Earlier in the week we had a late lunch at 'Isla Iguana' restaurant with Don, Connie, plus John and Donna from lot 22.  I finally got my fish meal! Chris had shrimp curry and pronounced it great. He loves anything with curry...

The rain continues but is mostly short-lived showers. The temperature seems less, but some days the humidity makes up for no rain in getting us very damp! There are thunderstorms at sea almost every night, but very few come over our area. The clouds at night prevent any real star-gazing which can be miraculous here with no ambient light. Grass is growing where no weed or seed seemed to exist just a few weeks back.
Hopefully, those thirsty cows are feeling better these days! Meanwhile, any tan I had may be fading and if I go home for a visit without a tan - what will folks think? Actually tanning here, as in sitting in the sun with a straw hat, few clothes on, holding a little drink with an umbrella, is only for the ads. It is way too hot to 'tan' and any colour change occurs because you move around in the sun and unintentionally get tanned!

This week, Matt the landscape chap, will be starting our front garden. I am delighted to get this going as I love a garden and long for some colour other than green and brown to look at. In the next few weeks, we hope Pedro will start on our 'garden shed', a 10 x 10 structure to house all those tools and stuff we brought with us that has no place to hide. The patio will look 100% improved once the clutter is stored.

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