Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Week!

The week has gone by quickly and many smaller events occurred which are generally good. We started the week with a positive vet visit for Cagney, and he is definitely mending well. We are so glad, as no doubt he is! Later on Monday, our furniture (sofa and loveseat, plus carpet and cushions) was delivered by Madison and looks fantastic in place. I had wanted to buy white furniture and accessorize with bright blues etc. but the choice of dark blue is very acceptable and with the rug, perfect.

We continue to seek a small dinette for the dining area, but all in good time. I spent a good part of the past week finishing the drapes for the Great Room. I brought IKEA white cotton drapes from Canada at a very good price, and with the fabric I selected over two years ago, trimmed the unfinished bottoms of the drapes to lengthen them. The sewing machine Chris gave me for Christmas in 2009 (!) finally got used and is easy and fun to run. It's a Kenmore from Sears. I had it packed all this time. Finished product...see for yourself:

First I started knitting again, then baking bread, now sewing....wonder what's next in my Martha arsenal?

Two evenings were spent with Ken and Connie who own lots 61 and 62. They plan to start building about next January, and are a lovely couple from Chicago. My first dinner guests! Finally. By mid-week, we were off to look at a nursery called Vivero just past Las Tablas. Beautiful healthy plants greeted our gaze and we selected some bougainvillea for four pots we have, plus two indoor greenery plants and the fixings for two hanging baskets. Prices were reasonable, the senorita spoke good English and we left knowing we would return for more. Landscaping is going to be a joy - we both love a garden, and need to rein ourselves in to avoid overworking! At the end of the week, the water trough under the big tree was finally razed and we found there is yet more space to plant. Oh, joy!

The weekend has now passed and the closets were not completed. Ah, me. Next week? The bedroom is so untidy...still no resolution regarding the water pump, and we still "borrow" electricity. What, me worry? We also have a broken door handle (the one that caused me to smash that end table), and one of the vent covers has fallen to earth outside. Will it ever end?

Bright and lively describes our wee Mitzi. Such a little devil, and so full of vim and vigour! She eats, drinks, potties and sleeps well. We call her our little Panamaniac!

This Sunday ends with us meeting new buyers Matt and Jeff from New York who will build on Lot 13 sometime this coming year. All great neighbours to be, and the community grows.

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