Sunday, March 31, 2013

Santa Semana

Santa semana (Holy Week) has passed with a fair degree of activity (and cat progress) on our part. The local town is busy with much added traffic, and the festivities have started for Easter. The house is running well overall - we still borrow electricity, have not solved our plumbing issues, and have no bedroom closets yet - and our days are pleasant. March is leaving like a lamb, with cooling breezes, warm sun and lightly clouded skies.

Cagney has now had three intravenous treatments over the past two weeks, with antibiotics and vitamins added, and now we give him daily doses with some struggle. wrapping him in a very large towel and holding him tight works best for the medication administration. He does not seem to hold this against us, and has started sleeping on our bed most of the night (unusual for him). Yesterday, he took a number of his toys out of his toy box, and played awhile - a very welcome sight. He is now eating well, though he has become too fussy over what he is offered! He watches Mitzi, gives her a tap if she is too (she spits at him in return), but tolerates her. Whenever I tap her nose because she is biting my feet, she spits at me too, so nothing personal there. This little terror is all over the house now. We put her in the flight carrier for the night so she cannot get into trouble, and she accepts this as her bed, but has also found several other spots to snooze...

Now about six weeks old, she eats cat food, some biscuits, takes skim milk (refuses water), uses her litter box faithfully, and cavorts like a spring chicken, er kitten. Now about twice the size of our first day with her, she is growing well, and in another six weeks will get de-flead, bathed and probably some immunizations. If Cagney continues to eat and get well, we should have a fun time soon watching these two interact. All this activity has served to ease the pain of losing Bogart; much as we loved him, we can accept he has gone "over the Rainbow Bridge".

We are starting to anticipate the beginning of our front garden, which will happen after rainy season arrives, likely early June. I took photos of our large back garden today - what a desolation! A brown moonscape with one withered tree, various weeds, and dried grass here and there. This will cost a bit to improve, and there is still the matter of one pool and a bohio to consider!

My Spanish must be clearer and improved, as I now order food entirely in Spanish with less bemused looks, and receive what I asked for. The locals are getting to recognize us, and "going into town" (i.e. Pedasi) is a treat. Bob serves us ice cream to die for, The Bakery knows how to make my tea "English style", and there are several locals we greet whenever there. This past week, I was interviewed for a radio program out of Texas about my book. A charming guy called "Steve" conducted the interview so a Texan and a Brit vied for best accent on radio! The broadcast is today, and I will try to post a copy on my blog once I receive the download. Another learning curve coming up!

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