Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cagney is ill (again) and Mitzi grows...

Another week of near crises, laughter over the ridiculousness of it all, some good, some bad! Why does my life remain like a roller-coaster - did I displease the Universe?

To continue, last Tuesday our water pressure suddenly almost tripled, so unknown  to me, my day would not be good. Chris left early to have some car maintenance done in Las Tablas which meant he was gone five hours. I rose as he left, and could hear a trickling noise in our bathroom - sure enough the toilet inlet was spewing water and I had the start of a minor flood. I knew how to turn the proper knob and stopped it. Sigh - disaster number one averted. I had my shower, noticing how lovely the stream of water felt, and wishing it could always be so great. Off to my breakfast, made our bed, returned to the Great Room to find a huge area covered with an inch of water, and quickly growing! It took several minutes to find the source, but finally I pinpointed the sound of running water from the refrigerator. Disaster two on the way. Opening doors, found no obvious leaks. Then I peered behind to the water intake and lo' there it was. It took a long time to get that blinking fridge pulled out, and to start turning this tiny valve. Immediately, the water hit the ceiling and spurted even more. OOPS! Wrong way. Needless to say, I reversed direction and everything stopped. Most of the kitchen was under water and a large part of the Great Room. I unplugged everything, moved Mitzi's cage, and watched our rug get wetter and wetter as the thing soaked up a portion of the flood. I didn't know how to turn off the water intake for the house, so I whisked around to make sure nowhere else was an imminent disaster! Later, we discovered our water pressure was "in the red".

I looked outside, no-one around! Off to the office I stomped, and asked the assistant to contact someone, anyone, to help me. As I marched back to the house in high dudgeon, cursing and half-crying, I swore I would pack my bags and head home on the next available plane. "I've had it with this d*** place!" I yelled to the birds, weeds, sun and clouds. Boy, but I was p***** off! Chris arrived home after I had calmed down and spent the next two hours with the wet vacuum - the one we hadn't intended to bring here. We haven't had ANY hot water since, so are both rather rancid!

Trying to feel normal has become a challenge. Cagney needed our local vet when we found a huge abscessed area on his back leg. Dr Diaz (our newest best friend) shaved most of the leg, gave him several injections, provided antibiotic cream, and off home we went with another sick cat dilemma. Sure enough the abscess broke and he bled like crazy, so another vet visit ensued. It took 24 hours before that bleeding finally stopped. At least Mitzi is thriving, growing, exploring, stealing Cagney's food, and starting to play. In other words, a normal kitten.

Trying Cagney's food...mmm good!

Dozing on "Auntie" cozy!

The highlight of the week was a trip to Playa Venao and a treated lunch with new pals, Tom and Teresa. Beautiful location, and excellent food. We walked the beach and visited the Play Venao Hotel Resort. This is a place we will visit often!

View from the restaurant at Playa Venao

So, the week has ended calmly. No closet installation, but this is Panama. Another week begins and perhaps we can finally solve the plumbing issues once and for all? Ah, me....

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