Saturday, March 2, 2013

A better month starts...

March already promises to be a more reasonable month! Dr Puga, the ENT specialist told me on Monday that my nose had two fractures but with no  displacement, so if I am very careful for the coming two weeks, I could avoid surgery. Despite the discomfort of her examination, I held up and left with a lighter step, albeit a very careful one! Pedro, the engineer who manages Costa Pedasi development, met us at the hospital and truly smoothed the way for me with his translation and kindness. Then Cagney returned home from the Apolo Vet Hospital on Wednesday, looking somewhat subdued, but otherwise healthy. The vet stated he had been traumatized, "like being beaten up". He obviously lost a few pounds, and feels really skinny. He was so pleased to be back home, constantly watching us and following us, purring and doing all the proper cat things.

I returned to the outpatient clinic in Chitre on Thursday am, again with Pedro as a guide, and so far, my nose is healing well. I go back in Mid-April for a final check. The cost of these visits with the specialist....$1.00 per visit! I am now also clear to see a dentist about the chipped teeth. I look much more human now, less of a fright job!

Meantime, life goes on in the development. Bob, my computer whiz friend, upgraded my old PC, giving me more RAM, formatting the hard drive, and putting Windows 7 Ultimate and MS Office 2010 on it. It works loads better! That cost? $65.00. Rodelsa is back to fix the wonky road that was sinking. Drilling, digging, patching and lots of dust are the result. Chris hung two mirrors for our ensuite bath, and today he is installing some drapery rods in the Great Room. Now I have to unpack my "new" sewing machine (bought in 2010), figure out how it works, and add length to my IKEA drapes. They should look good when done. The bit that worries me is, how to operate that machine! I a, forbidden to use any glasses for another week, so best I don't start before then. I have become highly domesticated these past few years, since I retired! Knitting sweaters for the grandkids, making bread, now sewing...where does this all end? I am turning into my mother! Definitely NOT Martha Stewart - I'm just not that talented!

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