Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're Still Waiting...

Another week passes, and I note there has been no progress on our house! I sent off an email to our builder and bcc'd the site developer and the head honcho of the development. I only wish someone would communicate what is going on.

We received the usual photos, and it is clear there is much yet to be completed, and we really need a completion date to work with. There was an offer on the gallery last Tuesday which we countered, and have heard nothing since...our Realtor is chasing down the offering agent for an answer as to the buyer's intentions. Why us? Several friends are commenting we will never get to Panama, but we laugh that off, and tell them we would take bets on that! An extra year has proved expensive with $9,000 paid in storage fees for the furniture to be shipped plus another
$1200 for a local storage area. There are some very important lessons here, and I only wish we could have had a crystal ball when we started our so-called adventure. With all the research and thought we put into this, I suppose no-one can be absolutely certain how things will go - or not!

The front entrance

Front entrance - no doors yet!

Great room and French doors

Our local weather is great, many days, so being here for another month or two will not be too onerous....

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